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Outside In Organizer and Makeovers is a San Diego Professional Organizer Company. Your Personal Organizer is Denise Levine, a Professional Organizer, Time Management Coach and Wardrobe/Image Consultant who offers both in person and virtual (phone, online) head to toe personal organizing services.


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Customized Solutions

Each client’s organizational needs are unique and services are customized to meet your specific goals. Professional Organizing of your San Diego business may begin with clearing cluttered spaces, creating manageable schedules. Your San Diego Personal Organizer may provide updating the client’s outdated image and wardrobe. Through the carefully designed steps of sorting, purging, organizing and redesigning systems for maintenance, to help you achieve the desired outcome.

Our Mission As Your San Diego Personal Organizer

Our mission is to empower our clients to establish systems for staying organized, make intentional choices that align with goals, and to create habits that will last a lifetime. Outside In Organizer and Makeovers in-person, phone and online services begin with the assessment and consultation. This Professional Organizer consultation is the key to clarifying the client’s organizing goals. It is the first step in identifying which systems are needed, and the way to measure ongoing progress. An action plan based on those priorities is developed with specific steps for getting organizing, maintaining the systems, and staying accountable.

Virtual Consultations to Help You Wherever You Are

Whether you live in New York or San Diego, you can now schedule your complimentary Professional Organizer consultation by phone or online, so why wait? You deserve to live and work with a schedule, and in the spaces that enhance your most confident, productive and satisfying life!

Reduce Clutter

Our Professional Organizer works with busy San Diego professionals who are often balancing multiple responsibilities, and may also be experiencing a significant change such as relocation, remodel, downsizing, or a change in marital status.


Denise – thank you so much for your time, patience and help! You helped me to get organized and STAY organized!
Jan N.
You do a lot more than home organization. I really appreciate how you helped me organize my computer files and my office so that now when I work I don’t have to spend time looking for files, correspondence, forms or reference material. And, you were very quick and efficient. Thanks so much for your help.
“Denise came into my office and got right to work after our initial consult. I can say that she saw beyond the mess and easily created a pleasant and organized work space for me. She has saved me time and energy and lets face it…that will save me dollars.
Recommend her to lots of patients.”
Loraine M.

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