Organizing for Spring!

What better way to approach spring cleaning than to begin organizing? Here are some basic steps: 1. Schedule a specific date and block of time to do organize each week for the next 4 weeks. 2. Begin with the area that is YOUR priority and start the sorting process: discard, recycle, donate, sell, or keep. 3. Remove items to be discarded and recycled immediately. 4. Create a basic inventory of the items to donate and load then into your vehicle now. 5. Photograph the items that you plan to sell online or through a consignment shop. 6. Now sort the items that you are keeping: use/display now, use later/seasonal, repair if necessary, determine how and where it should be stored for safety and ease of access. Overwhelmed? Get a friend or family member to help or call this Professional Organizer. Now…ready, set, go!