San Diego Personal Organizing Tip

San Diego Personal Organizing Tip – Keep the things you love The simplicity of this organizing tip is deceiving. As your San Diego Personal and Professional Organizer I am giving you permission to keep items that you love and value. Love it means that it is meaningful to you on some level such as sentimental or emotional, useful, or valuable. If you love it though that means that you need to use it or display it. If it is soiled, in disrepair, no longer fits, or is dated then keep it IF it can be cleaned, repaired, or repurposed. Keeping things in storage, saving them for a special occasion, or holding on to them for your grandchildren is not necessary. Storing items that you don’t use is just organized clutter! Ask your children if they are going to want those items and be prepared for their honest answers. Get those photos out of boxes and albums; display them and rotate them in frames on a regular basis. Make a meal special by serving it on your china. The benefit of organizing is that you are making conscious decisions about what to keep, downsizing your possessions, and enjoying what you have. Trust me, your friends and family will appreciate this and so will you. Enjoy your photos (artur84)