Eliminate Procrastination

Eliminate Procrastination – A System That Works Do you have a task that isn’t urgent, but you need to do it? Do you find that you procrastinate about doing it even though you know that it would take you less time to do it than the time you’ve spent putting it off? We all do this to a greater or lesser extent. It’s only when it nags at you that it becomes an issue. If you want to conquer procrastination, here’s a system that will help you eliminate procrastination forever. As a Professional Organizer and Time Management/Productivity Coach I help you reduce stress by increasing your productivity. I will advise clients to assess the things that they have on their to-do list (mental or written) using this system of decision making criteria: Is it something that you… 1. Need to do and want to do. 2. Need to do but don’t want to do it. 3. Don’t need to do it but want to do it. 4. Don’t need to do it and don’t want to do it. The benefits of organizing and sorting your to-do’s using these criteria will enable you to eliminate the things that don’t need to get done all from your list. It will help you to identify the tasks that you can delegate or outsource to others who can get it done. Using this system will also enable you to identify the priority tasks that you will now schedule time to do. These are the tasks that you need to get done even if you don’t want to do them and more importantly, the tasks that you need and want to do. Be gentle with yourself and try not to judge. Creating this awareness and going through the process of organizing your to-do’s by using… read more →