Time management

Time management Time management is something most of us want to master. Why? To be and feel more productive. As a Time Management Coach and Productivity Specialist I hear complaints such as: “I have too much to do.””My to-do lists are never ending.””I hate structure.””I don’t have enough time.” If any of these sound familiar then it’s time to look at what the problem is. Once you identify the problem(s) you can begin to work on the solutions. Time management – 5 Reasons why your time management isn’t working Unrealistic expectations No time management system Lack of consistency using a system Unclear, unspecific goals Wrong time management tools Time management isn’t working,  you have unrealistic expectations Are you expecting too much in too short a time or with too little resources? Are you lacking a plan, in other words, trying to “wing it”? Time management relies upon having information and realistic expectations. Time management may be compromised if you do not have the information, skills, time and experience to get it done. In this case you might be more productive by delegating or outsourcing the task. Realistic expectations are helpful in another way. After considering what the task involves and whether you are the right person to get it done you might choose to decline the project or postpone it. Setting boundaries based upon realistic expectations will help you to maintain your credibility with others and minimize stress. These are the benefits of effective time management. Time management isn’t working, you have no system A time management system includes structure and routines to help you navigate tasks from beginning to end. Think about everyday examples of systems that work for you such as exercise personal training programs, nutritional regimens, bookkeeping systems, lists and templates for packing, grocery shopping and buying… read more →