Organizing Requires Ongoing Weeding Out!

One of Professional Organizer, Kathy Wadill’s 9 recommended strategies in “The Organizing Sourcebook” is “Weed constantly”. As your San Diego Professional Organizer I am declaring that Wednesdays are a great day just for that…weeding. You already know that organizing is an ongoing process rather than something you do once and it stays that way, right?  Imagine that if every Wednesday you spent 30 minutes weeding out the things that you no longer need or use, how easy it would be to maintain your living and work spaces!

Let’s take the clothing in your closet, for example. Looking at the photo you will notice one of my favorite strategies: resetting the hangers. This is an easy and visual way to assess which clothes aren’t being worn. Here’s how:

  1. Turn every hanger backwards.
  2. Each time you wear a garment and hang it back up, turn the hanger in the correct direction.
  3. At the end of each month, or least season, look at the hangers that are still backwards. This would suggest (except perhaps for formal wear) that it’s time to donate or consign.

NOTE: If during the month you notice the items on backwards hangers, it’s a great reminder to wear those things and enjoy them, too. That way, you are not wearing the same things over and over again!

It’s not about discarding everything. It’s about using, wearing, and enjoying the things that you still like. Try this strategy and POST YOUR COMMENT about your results on

clothes on hangers

“Weeding Wednesday”!