Time Management Tips | 3 No-fail Tips

Time Management Tips | No-fail Tips

Time Management Coach

Tip Management Coach

Here are 3 no-fail time management tips from your San Diego Time Management Coach and Professional Organizer. Learn how to end (or avoid) long-winded conversations and meetings. Time management is critical personally and professionally. Which of these is your time management goal?

  • To stay on time
  • Increase productivity
  • Save time

3 no-fail time management tips & suggested scripts for…

Before the call or meeting:

  1. Establish a time frame before scheduling. “I’d like a schedule a (indicate the specific amount of time) phone call/meeting with you to discuss (specific topic).”
  2. Declutter your agenda! Don’t plan to cover more than 2 – 3 important items.
  3. Send the agenda ahead of time with specific times allotted for each item.

During the call or meeting:

  1. “Parking Lot”. If the other person gets distracted, off-topic, or long-winded gently interrupt, note what they said and put it in the parking lot. “That’s a very important point. Let’s put that in the so-called ‘parking lot’ for a later time.”
  2. At the start of the call or meeting remind the person or group about the agreed upon time frame. “I know that we’ve scheduled 20 minutes(state the specific amount of time) for our call/meeting. Let’s get started.”
  3. Recruit a timekeeper. “Will you help me keep an eye on the time and remind me when we have 5 minutes left?”
  4. Stay on task. “We need to be able to get through our specific topic or agenda item in the time allotted. We can schedule a follow up meeting in our last 5 minutes, if needed, for other items.”
    “I see that our scheduled time for this call/meeting is nearing an end. Let’s come to closure (or resolve) this issue.”

At the end of the call or meeting:

  1. Wrap it up. End the meeting with clarity and confidence. Establish closure and move on to your next conversation or meeting.
  2. Express gratitude. “Thank you for helping us stay on time.”
  3. Encourage feedback. “Email or text me with additional feedback.”
  4. Reflect. Jot down your observations – pros & cons – about the call or meeting. Use these to note progress and for planning future calls and meetings.

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