3 Quick Ways to Create More Closet Space

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3 Quick Ways to Create More Closet Space

My San Diego Personal and Professional Organizer’s 3 quick ways to create more space in your closet don’t require that you remodel, install, or move. A closet makeover means downsizing the stuff in your closet and organizing what you keep. The only items that need to be in there are the ones that you wear, that fit you today, and that make you look fabulous.

1. Discard everything (clothes, shoes, scarves, belts, purses…everything) that is stained, soiled, torn and beyond repair. This includes sentimental items such as your old cheer leading outfit!
2. Donate everything that is 2 or more sizes too small for your body today. Just do it!
3. Organize all of your clothes in your closet that need to be hung. Anything that can/should be folded needs to go into drawers.

What are you waiting for? Wear it, love the way that you look in it, or lose it!