Reasons Why You Don’t Organize

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Organize

Organize, it seems impossible sometimes. There are many reasons why you don’t organize, let’s look at 3…

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Reasons to Organize

  1. Some people simply don’t like to organize. “It’s boring.” “It’s a waste of time.” ” I can think of 10 other things that I’d rather be doing.”
  2. Others don’t know how to get started. “It’s overwhelming.” “It’s cluttered in every spot in my house.”
  3. Sometimes people are discouraged by past failures at organizing. “I get rid of stuff but it always comes back. What’s the point?”

As a Professional Organizer it seems that my role isn’t just to help others organize. My most important role is to show you how to test those beliefs and find alternatives to enjoy the benefits of organizing.

People who don’ like to organize

It’s not that you don’t like how an organized space looks and functions, it’s just that you don’t want to be the one to get it that way. That’s one reasons why people work with a Professional Organizer. With the means and the desire, you can hire someone to get the space organized and then help you to maintain it.

You don’t know how to organize, or how to get started

You resolve to get organized and then look around you. How do you begin to do this? You decide to start right where you are and find a piece of unopened mail. After you open it you realize that you have to pay the bill so you head to your computer to do so. Organizing Tip #1: Stick to my “1- at – a- Time Rule“. The first step in organizing is to purge. Stick to that one step, in one space. Don’t leave the space that you are working in. When you find something that belongs in another room put it in a pile designated for things that go in other rooms. Keep purging. That means, don’t open mail, unwrap gifts, answer the phone (unless it’s an emergency), etc. That’s called self-sabotage.

You’re discouraged

You bought every organizing book and magazine. You stocked up on bins, non-slip hangers, and invested in a label maker. You got your closet organized and then life happens. Within a month or a week it’s cluttered again. You ask yourself, “What’s the point?” Organizing Tip #2: Have a daily maintenance schedule. NO EXCUSES. At least 15-30 minutes before you go to bed do this:

  • Hang up your clothes. Put worn ones in the hamper.
  • File, recycle, or shred papers.
  • Clear every horizontal surface. This includes counters. desk tops and the floors.

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