Staging A House

Staging A House Is A Challenge, or is it?

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Staging a House

You want to sell your home, right? You’re ready and you’ve made that first decision. So why is it so difficult to get your home ready, stage it, and put on the market? There are generally 3 reasons that this may happen:

Time management – You and your family already have busy lives. You are working, taking care of your family, going to meetings, volunteering, etc. Trying to “find” the time that it takes to declutter your home, make the necessary repairs and improvements, and stage your house can be challenge because there isn’t free time to find. Besides the reality that most of us don’t have the available time, we may also lack the necessary resources or skills to stage our home in the most efficient manner. It’s hard to balance your responsibilities and then add one more major responsibility to your schedule. There is hope so read on…

Emotional attachment – Your real estate agent may try to explain staging and the concept of “neutralizing” your home but putting it into practice is another thing. What “neutralizing” means is moving from the idea that you are selling your home, to the reality that now, you are selling a house. You need to create a neutral environment that makes it easy for prospective buyers to picture themselves, their family and their belongings in. Letting go and packing up those personal and sentimental items can be emotional and difficult for some people. Once again, there is hope.

Ego – Some people are convinced that they should be able to do everything themselves. Consequently, they may also believe that hiring a Professional Organizer/Stager to help them is too expensive and not worth it. If you can be objective and consider the factors described above – time management and emotional attachment – then ask yourself, “Does my end goal justify bringing in a professional?” If your goal is to be efficient with your time and to maximize the size of the offers that you will receive you need to reconsider whether your ego is getting in the way. Would it make your life easier and less stressful to know that it’s a temporary solution with permanent benefits? Remember that you are only de-personalizing your home until you move. Now for the helpful ideas and tips:

Time Management Tips

  • Have a staging plan including a timeline. Schedule specific days and times to get the work done; be generous in your estimate.
  • Identify the resources and tools that you will need to stage your home. For example: carpet cleaning, paint, energy efficient light bulbs, packing boxes and supplies, air filter, etc. Having what you need before you begin will make the work flow smoothly.
  • Get help. If you have friends or family who can help the work will go more quickly. Another alternative is to hire a Professional Organizer/Stager to manage the project.

Emotional Attachment Tips

  • Discuss your feelings openly to acknowledge them rather than judge yourself for having them.
  • As you begin to downsize and put away your personal items have positive thoughts about how they served you, made you happy, created good memories, and even thank them.
  • Again, get help. Having supportive people, including a professional, can ease the transition from home to house and help you to stay focused on your goal, which is selling the house.

Ego Tempering Tips

  • Be observant and more aware of how your ego might be getting in the way of reaching your primary goal.
  • Reconsider how empowering it can be let go of the unnecessary pressure that you may be putting on yourself by thinking that you should be able to do this yourself, and instead, to delegate the task.
  • Get the help that will make this project happen and then physically leave the house. After it’s done and you return to see the results you might find that you are pleasantly surprised.

Staging your house is very important so that the quality of the offer and buyer is maximized. I promise that you will feel much better when you get it done and can focus on your new home.