4 Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe

Organize Your Wardrobe

Women selecting clothing

Organizing Wardrobe

There are 4 ways to organize your wardrobe. Let’s focus on organizing your clothing, not your closet. The benefits of organizing your wardrobe are:

  • Expand your wardrobe selections.
  • Make getting dressed easier and save time.
  • Wear more of the items that you own.
  • Increase your creativity instead of wearing the same things, the same way.

As your San Diego Personal Organizer and Image Consultant I love to share men’s and women’s wardrobe tips. There are easy ways to help you update your wardrobe and create outfits with the clothes that you already have! I am talking about sorting and organizing the contents of your closet and drawers, not how you store and where you locate the items.

4 Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe:

  1. Color: Organizing your clothes by color can help you to find new ways to use color. Find new ways to use color t0 rather than simply matching colors or combine a color with a neutral. You can think about wearing complementary colors, all neutrals for a sophisticated and monochromatic look, and adding a pop of color to update your style as well.
  2. Category: Most people prefer to organize their wardrobe by grouping like items with like items. That means putting all pants, tops, etc. together with one another. This way makes sense and can be efficient but doesn’t necessarily enhance creativity (see #4).
  3. Length: Organizing by length can make dressing easier when changes in temperature are a consideration. You can order your clothing from sleeveless to long sleeve, shorter skirts/dresses to long, and jackets to coats.
  4. Outfit: My favorite way to organize your wardrobe is the organize your clothing by outfits. This is the best way to expand your style and wardrobe. It also makes it easy to make choices for travel! Click on the link to watch my You Tube video to learn ways to Organize By Outfit

If you think that working with a Personal Organizer and Image Consultant is a luxury, think again. I can help you save time and money, look fabulous, and create the right style for your body type:

  • Virtually – online with Skype sessions, or creating a secret Pinterest Board just for you.
  • In Person – “Shop In Your Closet Session”,
  • a Guided Shopping Session where I teach you how to shop, and
  • Personal Shopping.

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