5 Critical Reasons To Declutter

5 Critical Reasons to Declutter… (just in time for Spring and Mother’s Day)

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Declutter NOW!

Your San Diego Personal and Professional Organizer wants to share my 5 critical reasons to declutter. The includes all of your stuff and even your to-do list. I say that it’s “critical” because the long term affects of living and working in a cluttered environment or with a cluttered schedule have consequences.

Reason #1: Create more space and flow of energy.

Clutter wastes space and blocks the flow of energy in your environment. Everything has energy and blocking it with stacks of paper, piles of books that you will never read again, expired foods, and unlimited amounts of cables and cords will cause stagnation and the problems described below. Read on…

Reason #2: Improve health and safety benefits.

Clutter attracts dust and mold; stacks can cause tripping and falls and head injury. I had a client years ago who tripped over a stack of things piled on her staircase. She broke her foot and had to go up the stairs on her bottom for months. She only called me because her friend threatened to contact adult protective services if she didn’t work with a Professional Organizer! Imagine how it would have changed her life and her relationships if she had discarded, recycled or donated items.

Reason #3: Increase efficient use of time.

Clutter means wasting time searching for important things and papers. Wasting time can cause you to be late and miss deadlines. You know that being late is disrespectful or others’ time and can also have financial implications such as added fees. Why risk your relationships or your credit rating?

Reason #4: Reduce stress and enhance self esteem.

Having to deal with clutter on a regular basis causes frustration, stress and embarrassment; it can negatively impact how you feel about yourself and impair your value as a role model at home and in the workplace.

Reason #5: Increase productivity.

Stop procrastinating and get things done. Stop adding to, and rewriting your to-do lists. Purge your lists. Like the Nike ad says, “Just do it.” If you don’t need or want to do and it doesn’t need to get done, cross it off forever.

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