Organizing, Time Management Tip

Organizing, Time Management Tip

29 Ways to be Generous

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Organizing, time management tip in my series of posts about organizing, time management tips and work-life balance I focus on how to be generous with time. That is a key reason for time management. Organizing, time management tip #7 is to Send an old photo of you and a friend or family member to that person to recall a special time together. This organizing, time management tip will take only 3-5 minutes.

One of the obstacles that you may face when assessing clutter and trying to organize what you keep is deciding what to let go of and what to do with the items. This will be easier and faster to do when you know:

  • Why you want to keep the item, and
  • what to do with the things that you are willing to let go of.


framed photographs

Organizing, Time Management Tip |Photos

Imagine that you are streamlining and organizing your photographs. You likely have more than 1 photograph that is similar to others. Ask yourself if is there a need to keep all of them, some of them, or even just one? Clients have difficulty getting rid of photos because of the memories and emotional attachment. Remember that you are not getting rid of the person. This organizing, time management tip will be helpful in this situation because it gives you ways to let go. Send similar and duplicate photos of you and a friend or relative to that person. You are sharing the memory and letting them know that you are thinking of them. This is a great alternative to discarding the photos.

Organizing, time management tip for streamlining photos:

  • Frame them and give them as gifts.
  • Use them as bookmarks.
  • Use them to create gift tags for wrapped gifts.
  • Digitize some of the photos and discard the hard copy.
  • Rotate photos in frames around your home.

I hope that this organizing, time management tip comes along at just the right time. The holidays are approaching and NOW is a great time to downsize your inventory and get rid of clutter. The boxes of photos piled in the garage don’t represent their importance. Streamline how many you keep and send others to friends and loved ones.