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Denise Levine, San Diego Professional Organizer

Denise Levine, San Diego Professional Organizer

As a Professional Organizer I teach declutter tips so that  you can organize and store items in the most efficient way possible. Most of you want more space and less stuff. Deciding what is clutter and what you can let go of can be an overwhelming and stressful project if you don’t have a realistic plan. The benefit of hiring a Personal Professional Organizer is the best way to develop a plan and get started. Read on for my specific organizing tips on how to declutter. Purging items that are no longer useful to you is the first step. After that you can sort, organize, contain and label the items that you keep and use.

Professional Organizer Declutter Tips

Professional Organizer‘s declutter tips will help guide you in deciding whether to keep or let go of some of your possessions. These are my 7 declutter tips and questions designed to be make the process less overwhelming and stressful.

Cluttered Garage

Cluttered Garage (image: Outside In Organizer)

Declutter tip: BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.  If you say, What if I need it later? ask yourself instead: When was the last time that I used it? Will I use it within the next 2 months?

Declutter tip: AVOID WHAT IF QUESTIONS. “What if” questions are obstacles to decision making and cause overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and procrastination. Be realistic and consider the benefits of regaining space would be to you. If you found that you did need it something similar in the future, what would it cost to purchase at that time?

Declutter tip: CLOTHING. You say, What if I need it later? Instead, ask yourself these questions: Does it fit me today? Does it look good? Is it in good condition? Does it suit my current lifestyle? Will I use it in this climate? Off season clothes can be kept and stored for future travel. Formal clothing can be kept in limited amounts if you anticipate an event in the next year and the clothing fits.

Declutter tip: PAPERWORK, ARTICLES, RECIPES. You say, What if I need it later?          Instead, ask yourself: Will the information be current and relevant? How long have I had this paperwork, and when was the last time I referred to it? Do the recipes match my current and desired cooking and dietary style?

pile of papers

Prevent Clutter
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Declutter tip: (FINANCIAL, LEGAL DOCUMENTS) You say, What if I need it later?         Ask yourself: Does my accountant, tax preparer, and/or lawyer Recommend that I keep it? If so, for how long?

Declutter tip: (ADEQUATE SPACE) You say, Why get rid of this if I have enough space for it? Ask yourself: Would I want to pay to move it? Do I currently use it? If not, could someone else use it now?

Declutter tip: (COLLECTIBLES, SENTIMENTAL ITEMS) You say, What if I have enough space for it? Instead, ask: Am I storing it or displaying it? Do I have the time or the desire to keep it clean, polished, and dust-free? Is there something that I would rather do with that time instead?


I hope that these professional organizer declutter tips were helpful. Need more? Call me (760)809-8851