What you need to organize

What you need to organize

What you need to organize before an event or crisis is critical to ensuring that you will be better prepared and feel more in control of the circumstances. What you need to organize before is a “hot topic” for me having prepared for, and successfully going through surgery not too long ago. Yes, I am a Personal Professional Organizer but I had little experience preparing to organize for my own surgery and recovery! That said, I am now offering specific professional organizing services designed to help you or someone you know to get organized for a similar situation.

In my recent blog posts, “Organizing before surgery” and “Organizing Medical History” I describe the what, why and how to:

  • Be prepared before the surgery.
  • What you need to bring with you to the hospital.
  • How to organize the information you and others need to be able to access, including a medical history binder.
  • How to prepare your home for your return and recovery.

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What you need to organize | Passwords

What you need to organize must include passwords because so much of what we do and store is online. I am NOT recommending a notebook or folder that is labeled “passwords”. Instead, find a way to label a digital document or paper file that says something else that only you would understand. Be sure that a trusted friend or family member has access to your passwords in the event that your circumstances such as travel or recovery from surgery take longer than anticipated. The benefits of organizing information such as passwords is that you can avoid or minimize missed deadlines or late payments.

You might also consider using a security-based platform that stores all of your passwords in one account so that you only need to remember 1 password.


What you need to organize | Accounts

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What you need to organize before an event or crisis including surgery should include information about your important accounts. Take the time to create or update  a written list of the names, account numbers, and contact persons for your bank, and insurance company (-ies). Contact your credit card company (-ies) to let them know in advance that there may be unusual charges such as hospital payments. This will ensure that your card is not rejected. Remember to notify your post office or anywhere packages may be delivered. Let them know that you want to give someone else who will need to pick them up permission to do so. Do this preferably in person and in writing.


What you need to organize | Professional organizing services

What you need to organize includes many things for a variety of situations. The benefits of organizing will make taking the time to gather, organize, update and maintain important information well worth it. You can do this yourself if you schedule blocks of time in advance to get it done. The alternative is to call a Personal Professional Organizer like myself who is trained, experienced and will give you the tools and help to get it done! To find out more: Denise Levine, denise@outsideinorganizer.com