Organizing what to pack

eye mask, ear plugs

Pack eye mask, ear plugs (

Organizing what to pack

Organizing what to pack before you have surgery is easy. Take the time to plan and create a packing list. Ask your medical team what they would recommend bringing to the hospital. Add those items that will help you to relax during your stay.


Here is a helpful list for organizing what to pack:

  1. Extra eyeglasses come in handy. TIP: Keep an extra pair in your overnight or carry on bag all of the time. There will be forms that you are asked to sign and aftercare instructions staff will want you to review. You may also want to include a sunglasses for the day that you are discharged.
  2. Extra underwear for during your stay as well as the day you go home. There is nothing more humiliating that wearing a hospital gown and not having clean underwear!
  3. Comfortable clothing to wear when you are discharged. You may be restricted in what will feel comfortable. Avoid items that are too tight or binding like a bra. Consider whether how the garments are put on. Will you be able to pull tops over your head or do they need to fasten in the front? The style of shoes may be important when you are discharged, too. Bring a pair of closed- toe flats, if appropriate.
  4. Hair toiletries including dry shampoo, hair brush or comb, perhaps a headband.
  5. Skin toiletries including a facial cleanser, toner, eye cream, facial and body moisturizer, foot cream, baby powder, and sunscreen for your release day. Sounds silly but as soon as you are able to begin to resume your daily regimen you will begin to feel more normal. NOTE: Leave your perfume home since some people are fragrance sensitive.
  6. Items that help to relax you can be helpful if you are confined to bed for a while. Think about bringing an audio book, music to listen to, guide meditations (NOTE: The shorter the better since there are ongoing interruptions in a hospital).
  7. Things to enhance quality sleep such as ear plugs and an eye mask are very helpful while hospitalized.
  8. A neck pillow, if permitted, will add comfort.
  9. Items to pass the time – If you are going to be able to read in bed bring a book, e-book, and/or magazines. Will you be able to write? Bring a journal, note cards with envelopes and postage, etc. Other ideas may include playing cards, your laptop or tablet, knitting/embroidery supplies, etc.

    Organizing what to pack

    Organizing what to pack before surgery will ensure the most comfortable stay possible. As a Personal Professional Organizer I can help you plan and prepare for most situations, expected and unexpected. Enjoy the benefits of organizing by taking the time to plan, prepare and consult with a professional!


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