7 Clutter-Preventing Strategies

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Prevent Clutter
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7 Clutter-preventing strategies

My 7 clutter-preventing strategies are not necessarily fun or easy. They DO work and I know that you can do it if you practice regularly. The benefits of organizing make it worth it! Each strategy can be practiced for 2-8 weeks before you take on the next. Don’t sabotage yourself by setting unrealistic goals Also, allow for back-sliding. This can happen whenever you are creating new Optimal Habits.

From your San Diego Personal and Professional Organizer:

  1. Daily de-cluttering. Schedule 15 minutes at the end of every day to de-clutter 1 area.
  2. Weekly de-cluttering. Schedule 30 minutes every week to de-clutter and organize.
  3. Shop no more. Commit to 2 weeks of no shopping (except for food).
  4. Donate immediately. Forget the collection bag. Don’t let donations sit in a pile, bag or your car. Donate immediately.
  5. Consign now. Make quick decisions. If you don’t like it, wear it, or use it and it’s in good repair…consign it.
  6. Return it. If it’s unopened or never worn return it. If you have multiples of items that you rarely use, return them.
  7. Get rid of big containers. Big, deep containers are a magnet for clutter. Unless they are large items that require larger storage, there is no need for big containers.

My organizing tips are meant to guide and encourage you with getting and staying organized. Be patient and keep your intention and actions set on your goals. Avoid self criticism and defeating remarks such as, “I’m such a mess”. “I can never stay organized”. “I’m just like my (name of family member)”. “It will just come back, why bother?” Think and say statements that focus on your successes and strengths. Have you read my book of simple inspirational statements for organizing and time management? It make a great gift for yourself and a friend: “Organizing Your Life From Outside In”