7 No-Fail Closet Organizing Tips

Backwards Hangers

Backwards Hangers
(Image: DeniseLevine)

7 No-Fail Closet Organizing Tips

All of my organizing tips  including these 7 no-fail closet organizing tips are meant to be shared and not kept secret. No doubt some of you can, or at least want to try, do this by yourself before you consider working with a Personal/Professional Organizer or Image Consultant. When it comes to organizing your closet and clothes here is the list of my 7 favorite no-fail closet and wardrobe makeover tips:

  1. Ask the question and answer honestly.
  2. Make quick decisions.
  3. Donate, consign or trash immediately.
  4. Turn all of your hangers backwards.
  5. Establish a system that works for you and use it.
  6. Keep only those clothes fit the body you are in today.
  7. Keep only those clothes that make you look and feel beautiful and confident.

If you can do all of the above you will be successful and sadly,  never need to work with me, your San Diego Professional Organizer. Here are how my 7 no-fail closet organizing tips work:

Closet Organizing Tip #1: ASK THE QUESTION, ANSWER IT HONESTLY – When was the last time that you wore this? How did it look on you then? How does it make you feel when you wear this? What if you lose those extra eight pounds? Would you wear it then? What would happen if you “needed” it again even though you didn’t wear it last season either? Would you try to replace it with the same or similar item? If it has sentimental meaning why is it stuffed in the back of your closet? There is no need to judge yourself. The questions are meant to be direct and help you make the decision. A Professional Organizer will never make that decision for you.

Closet Organizing Tip #2: MAKE QUICK DECISIONS – There is hardly ever a right or wrong answer regarding whether to keep it, or let it go. The trap that you want to avoid is laboring over your decision. Make it quickly and move on. Procrastination is the enemy of organizing.

Closet Organizing Tip #3: DONATE, CONSIGN, TRASH IMMEDIATELY –  Bag all of the items that you are letting go of immediately and put them in your car (except for the trash). When you are finished, drive directly to the donation center and/or consignment shop. You will feel lighter, and that you’ve accomplished something that was easier than you anticipated. Remember that when you are donating or consigning, it’s similar to giving a gift. Who regrets that?

Closet Organizing Tip #4: TURN ALL OF YOUR HANGERS BACKWARDS – Once you wear the item you can hang it up the correct way. At the end of the season you will be able to easily view all of the items that you didn’t wear. This is a great visual to help you to wear the clothes that you keep and not just the same things over and over again. Also, if you didn’t wear it that season you can reconsider whether or not you want to keep it.

Closet Organizing Tip #5: ESTABLISH A SYSTEM, USE IT – There are so many ways to organize the clothes in your closet. Again, there is no right or wrong way.  The only “wrong” thing is to not have a system at all. The benefit of organizing and establishing a system is that makes it easy for you to wear all of your clothes, mix and match, layer, find items, and have a place for everything. Some people prefer to organize by color but you can also organize according to item type (tops, bottoms, outerwear, etc.), length, or formal versus casual.

Closet Organizing Tip #6: KEEP ONLY THOSE CLOTHES THAT FIT YOU TODAY – If you do nothing else…wear clothes that fit the body you are in today. If you lose the extra pounds that you want to shed great, buy a new outfit. Wearing clothes that are too small, too tight, too short or too long will make you look heavier, thinner, like you’re trying too hard, or frumpy (respectively). Fit matters, not the size number. Most of us can’t wear clothes right off the rack without alteration so find a good tailor.

Closet Organizing Tip #7: KEEP ONLY CLOTHES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL – You know that feeling that you get when you smile at your reflection in the mirror? You recognize how you stand up straighter, sit more erect, and walk with more energy? If not, you are probably not keeping or wearing the clothes that you need to be. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and the outside needs to reflect that. Go on, you deserve it!