Painless Steps to Organizing

Painless Steps to Organizing

woman in pain covering face

Painless Organizing (, hyena reality)

Painless Steps to Organizing is your cure for procrastination about organizing. If you suffer from thoughts such as”I don’t know where to start” or “I don’t have enough time.” You don’t need to delay organizing just take the 1 painless step at a time:

  1. Get help
  2. Set deadlines
  3. Plan ahead
  4. Remember it’s your 1st pass through
  5. Make easy decisions first
  6. Declutter immediately
  7. Room by room approach

Let’s break each step down…

Painless Steps to Organizing – Get help

NAPO MemberPainless Steps to Organizing begins with hiring a Personal Professional Organizer I encourage you to get help at least to get started. Here is why:

  • You will be more productive, and get more done faster
  • It’s more fun
  • It’s easier
  • Consider what your time, well being and space is worth
  • It will motivate you to do more on your own

Organizing with a professional will give you the opportunity to learn strategy, techniques, and keep you focused. You are less likely to be distracted and not complete tasks when you have an accountability partner at your side.

Painless Steps to Organizing – Set deadlines

clock says just in time

Just in time to set deadlines (, Stuart Miles)

Painless Steps to Organizing is to recommend that you think of organizing like moving. This will help you to set deadlines, realistically consider whether or not you need to keep items and how many items you need to keep. Ask yourself, would I want to pay to move this item? Do I still like, use or need it? Do I want to make space for displaying or storing it? When you are going to move you have to be out of the house by a certain date. Set a deadline for yourself to get each step done as if you are moving. Here’s an article about how to make a move easier: How to make a move easier

How and why to set deadlines:

  • Work backwards from your deadline
  • Create mini projects
  • Results are rewarding
  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment and completion

Painless Steps to Organizing – Plan ahead

phone reads plans

Plan ahead ( Stuart Miles)

Painless Steps to Organizing are designed to make organizing easier and more efficient. Without a plan you will find yourself wondering what to do, how long it will take and so on. Create a plan and determine:

  • Space – you need a space to work in and sort items
  • Time – realistically estimate how much time you will need for each mini project
  • Supplies – don’t purchase unnecessary organizing tools, use what you have 1st.
  • Resources – listen to your Personal Professional Organizer’s suggestions, ask questions, reach articles.

Remember that there is almost no wrong place to start. The only things that you can do wrong, is to continue to procrastinate!

Painless Steps to Organizing – First pass through


Kitchen clutter (image: Outside In Organizer and Makeovers)

Painless Steps to Organizing was inspired by a former client. She said, “I don’t have to decide on every item today because this is my first pass through and I’ll go through it 1 more time.” That was a brilliant insight that enabled her to make decisions. Here are some organizing tips for your first pass through:

  • Organize the difficult items on the last pass through. This may include photographs and sentimental items.
  • Remember that you will rarely or never miss things when they’re gone.
  • Enjoy the new space that you created. Leave it uncluttered.
  • Tap into how you feel. Hopefully you will feel less overwhelm and stress about clutter.

Painless Steps to Organizing – Make easy decisions first

kitchen clutter

Make easy decisions first (image: Outside In Organizer and Makeovers)

Painless Steps to Organizing bears repeating. Easy decisions will likely focus on purging:

  • Clothing and shoes that don’t fit or haven’t been worn
  • Old, useless paperwork and documents – things you’re “going to” read such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs, circulars
  • Information – articles you “might need”, recipes your “want to” try
  • Expired coupons
  • Fabric swatches
  • Plastic bags
  • Cables, cords
  • Empty shoe boxes
  • Wire hangers
  • Empty containers of food, toiletries
  • Expired, spoiled food, products

Painless Steps to Organizing – Declutter immediately

Painless Steps to Organizing allows you to see the results of your organizing immediately This means that you need to take the step to declutter immediately.

  • Put them in your car and move them out the same day. Save time for this important painless organizing step.
  • Don’t replace items in the clear space with more.
  • Document donations for tax purposes. Take photos or videos; create an inventory.
  • Research what items actually worth and selling for.
  • Utilize valuation charts and get reliable appraisals. Don’t take it personally if it’s worth less than you paid.

Painless Steps to Organizing – Room by room approach

Painless Steps to Organizing will help you to be less distracted or waste time. Rather than move all over the house and garage looking for all of your clothes, books or documents you will get an entire space decluttered and organized before moving on to another space. You likely know that you have related items in other spaces. Trust me, they are not going anywhere. If you cannot decide whether to keep or let an item go set it aside until the end of the session. Remember, you are making the easy decisions first and it is your 1st pass through. Keep the momentum going.