Avoid Deep Containers!!

You may think that a nice big container will help you organize all of those papers, take out menus, receipts and so on but wait! Deep containers and bins for a variety of items end up attracting large, unsorted piles of paper. Notice the green container holding that pile and taking up what we Professional Organizers refer to as valuable real estate?

Eventually, you’re going to have to take action and the question is, will it be the best use of your time? Some potential hazards include:

  • Losing something important.
  • Forgetting to pay a fee.
  • Missing a deadline.
  • Being closed out of an event.
  • Forgetting an appointment.
  • Expired coupons and gift cards.

The result? Wasted time, energy, stress, self criticism or loss of credibility. Organize first by doing a quick sort in order  to avoid the piles and desire for something to contain them in. Take action the same day…keep it? If it is something that you need to act on, do it right away or schedule it. If it is for reference later, put it in your tickler file. If you can find it elsewhere (Internet), then recycle it. Confidential? Then shred it. Deep containers and bins are good for larger items such as large toys, blankets, and off season clothing and gear.

Bin of papers

File, don’t pile!