Back to school organizing tips

shelf with hooks

Use of vertical space

Back to school organizing tips

Back to school organizing tips for dorms and apartments need to focus on 2 primary goals. First, the space must be comfortable as well as attractive. Second, students must address how their belongings are organized in the space that is available. Bringing too many items into a small living space creates clutter and a sense of feeling crowded or overwhelmed.

Organizing tips | Comfort and Decor

Bench Multi Storage

Back to school organizing tips for students who live in smaller spaces such as dorms or apartments want to be able to personalize the space, contain their items and enjoy as much spaciousness as possible. Organizing tips that help maximize space:

  • Furniture with built in storage – ottomans and benches with storage can hold many different types of items such as extra blankets, bulky jackets
  • Use vertical space – use space behind doors, on the walls to hang functional as well as decorative items
  • Use hidden spaces – under the bed, corner shelves, cubby shelving
  • Use lighting, reflective surfaces – table lamps, mirrors
  • Keep walls white or a light color to create a larger appearance
  • Avoid area rugs – they’re trip hazards, draw the eye into the center of the room, make other items hard to move and slide

Organizing tips | Efficiency and Organization

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Keep tools at hand

Most organizing tips begin with the same 2 pieces of advice. Remember that less is more and less stuff means less clutter. Organizing tips that reduce clutter:

  • Keep floors and horizontal surfaces as clear of items as possible.
  • Store items near to where they are used.
  • Surplus items should be purchased in smaller sizes and amounts.
  • Empty the trash cans on a daily basis.
  • Contain smaller items in bins and baskets that stack easily and safely.


Organizing Resources

You can hire a Personal Professional Organizer to assess the space you live in and give you lots of DIY organizing tips and ideas. Also, there are lots of images online to inspire you to decorate and organize small spaces. Here is 1 article with more organizing ideas and photos: Good Housekeeping Dorm Ideas