Be more organized

Be more organized

Be more organized by using my common sense organizing tips. All during January I am sharing common sense organizing tips to help you get and stay organized with more ease, less overwhelm, and less stress. If your goal is: “This year I am going to be more organized!”, then I am going to help you with the basics. If you haven’t read my previous blog on Common Sense Organizing Tips I would encourage you to do so, first.

Be more organized means that you have to have less unnecessary “stuff”. It isn’t about have a bigger house, a storage unit or having enough bins and storage containers. Be more organized means that there is adequate space and cleared surfaces to allow energy to flow throughout your home, office, and even your wallet. Spaces that are filled with things block energy, collect dust, and can create stress.

Common sense organizing tip #1

swiping credit card

Be more organized! Limit spending ( hin255)

Be more organized, accumulate less clutter. Too much stuff leads to clutter and the way that we generally end up with too much stuff is by shopping and collecting too much. The common sense organizing tip here is to limit your spending. You can begin by identifying your current shopping habits and spending behaviors. What are the triggers that invite you to spend mindlessly? Clients tell me that their triggers include:

  • boredom
  • loneliness
  • sales, “bargains”
  • can’t find what they need at home and so they buy more

It’s also important to avoid online shopping, which frankly, is too accessible and easy to do under the above circumstances. Big stores and shopping in bulk seem like a bargain however they add to the clutter if you do so faster than you can consume what you have. If you are a frequent (daily, weekly) or compulsive shopper it will probably take you awhile to change this behavior. If you fall prey to temptation then remember that you can return the item that you purchased impulsively as soon as possible. We call this self-correction. Collectors love thrift shops, antiquing, flea markets and garage sales. Again, if this makes spending difficult to limit you need to get real and avoid the temptation.

Common sense organizing tip #2

cluttered closet

Let go of clutter (Outside In Organizer and Makeovers image)

Be more organized, let go of existing clutter. If your resolution or goal is to be more organized you likely already have too much of what you don’t use or need. Your solutions will include donations, selling, re-gifting and returning the items that you don’t need, want, use or like. Remind yourself that there is no reason to feel guilty because someone else will benefit from receiving or buying these items. By letting things that you don’t use or want accumulate you are actually wasting them (as well as the space that they take up). Also, remember to use the items that you have on hand before buying more.

When it’s difficult to let things go it’s often helpful to have a non-judgmental friend or a Professional Organizer assist you. I ask people guiding questions to help the decision making easier for them. For instance, when was the last time that you used this? Does this item work properly? Does this garment fit and look good on you now? What do you think would happen if you let it go? Often, just answering these types of questions aloud is a way for you to face reality and to empower you to set it free for someone else.

Common sense organizing tip #3

Be more organized | Maintain uncluttered horizontal spaces. Maintaining uncluttered horizontal spaces such as floors, counter tops, desk surfaces, the bed, seating, and coffee tables will immediately create a clutter-free and more organized environment. Take a moment to look around your home, office, and even your car. Is every horizontal space covered with items? One of the problems may be that you don’t have a designated place for these items. That is the best solution for any item that you need and want to keep.

If you have questions you can always email me: or call me at (760)809-8851. Best wishes for your success!