Declutter – give the gift of organizing

It’s clear that everyone can benefit from organizing their space, their stuff, and their time. ‘Tis the season to think about giving more by giving less! Most people have the things that they need, in fact, most people have too many things…things that don’t fit, don’t work anymore, don’t get used or displayed and so on. Give your loved ones, friends and colleagues a different kind of gift, one that doesn’t cause clutter (and therefore stress). Instead of a wrapped present, you can gift special time together, sharing time means creating memories. TIPS: Help a friend organize their time by giving a motivational partner, agree to walk with them for an hour every week. Help someone organize their finances by going shopping with them in both of your closets! You can swap clothes you haven’t worn, help eachother donate to a cause that will help someone in need, and identify items that can feel like new with some updated accessories. Lots more ideas from the Outside In Organizer and Makeovers.