Closet Organizing Tips: How To Change Seasons

woman looking at clothing

Keep it?

Sadly, summer is almost over and before you know it you’ll need to transition to your fall wardrobe (even here in San Diego). I recommend setting up several ground rules to make the transition easy.

  • First, let’s talk about letting items go. If you didn’t wear it at all this summer and it’s in good condition, put it into the DONATE or CONSIGN bag.
  • RETURN UNWORN ITEMS: If it still has tags on it and you never wore it, return it for store credit.
  • Second, if something is worn out or soiled and beyond repair or laundering, DISCARD it. You deserve better!
  • If you need summer clothing that fits and is still in style but needs to be LAUNDERED or DRY CLEANED, do it now and put it in your summer storage area for next year. Move it out to make room for the coming season.