Organizing Clothing Clutter

Organizing clothing clutter

Creating outfits from your wardrobe

Organizing Clothing

Organizing clothing clutter is especially difficult for some people. The top 5 reasons people tell their San Diego Professional Organizer they can’t let go of clothing:

  1. It used to fit; I hope it will fit again – “I’m hoping to wear it again when I lose those extra pounds.”
  2. Sentimental value; good memories – “I remember how happy I was when I wore that.”
  3. It can be repaired – “I can get that stain out. I keep meaning to get it altered. I can use it for something else. My favorite: I can wear it at home.”
  4. It cost a lot to purchase – “I spent a lot on it. “I have no where to wear it but I spent a lot of money on it. I feel guilty getting rid of it.”
  5. “I may need it…for an interview, formal event, funeral, etc.”


How to organize your clothing and get rid of clothing clutter:

What you will need:

  • A full length mirror, a 3-way if possible
  • For women: a bra with excellent support for when you try tops and dresses on
  • Bags or bins for each of the following: hangers to recycle, donating, consignments, alterations
  • An honest friend, family member or Image and Wardrobe Consultant
  • A hanger stand for the extra hangers you are keeping

Wardrobe Organizing Tips – How to declutter your wardrobe:

  • Schedule adequate time on a specific day to begin the process
  • Start with the easy decisions – let go of items that you know you will not wear again
  • Try on each bottom – pants, shorts, jeans, skirts. Do they fit your current body shape? Are they comfortable? Do they fit your current lifestyle?
  • Try on each top – coats, jackets, shirts, blouses, sweaters, tee shirts, camisoles. Ask yourself the same questions.
  • Be honest in your answers.
  • Make quick decisions; no maybes!
  • Items you keep: wash or clean anything that needs it. Refold items in ways that make them visible and easy to access.
  • Items you keep: rehang items and return them to the closet with the hanger facing backwards. Each time you wear an item and return it with the hanger facing it the correct way. This will make it obvious if you never wear some pieces of clothing and help you let them go.
  • Donations, consignments: take them to the donation centers or consignment stores immediately.

Have fun with this process and feel good about creating a wardrobe for the body you are in today. Need more wardrobe and closet organizing tips? Follow me on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest.