Clutter be gone

Clutter be gone

clutter in cupboard

Clutter (Image: Outside In Organizer and Makeovers)

Clutter be gone means getting rid of clutter once and for all! Once you have a handle on the clutter you can get organized and maintain order in your home and office. What is clutter? (You can click on the the link to read my blog post.) You want to be clear about what your clutter is before you begin to decide what goes and what stays. If you are having difficulty deciding whether to keep or let go of something? Try these 3 organizing tips:

  1. Ask the questions and answer honestly – Do I use it? When was the last time that I used it? Do I like it? If so, is it displayed somewhere where you can use and or enjoy it? Do I need it? Is it in usable (wearable) condition?
  2. Out of sight, out of mind. If the item is just taking up space and not being used put it somewhere out of sight. Observe how it’s absence does or does not affect you. Do you miss it? Do you want to use it now that it’s not “there”?
  3. Establish a date for each item that is out of sight. If you do not use it, wear it, need it, miss it by that date then you can probably let it go.

Staying decluttered

clutter in garage

Clutter to be donated (Outside In Organizer)

Clutter be gone isn’t a one time effort. Like staying fit, keeping excess weight off or changing any habit staying decluttered requires practice using the systems you put in place. 3 organizing tips that will help:

  1. Leave it clear. As you declutter a space leave it clear for at least a 2 weeks. You may be tempted to put something back on or into the space…don’t! Notice how it makes you feel to see the space (drawer, closet, etc) more spacious. Use all of your senses…touch the surface, move the remaining clothing in the closet, look into the drawer. Look at the space. Notice how it feels to clean the space or to walk into the room and see the decluttered area.
  2. Get an opinion. If you share the space with others or invite friends to look at what you decluttered listen to their comments. How do their comments make you feel?
  3. 1 in 1 out rule. Be realistic and accept that you can only fit so much “stuff” into a space without compromising how it looks or functions. If you bring more items into an already cluttered space begin to adopt the 1 in 1 out rule. For those of you who have extremely cluttered spaces (cannot find or access items easily or safely) try the 1 in 5 out rule. This is especially helpful when you are accumulating items that you already have an ample supply of such as office supplies, jeans, shoes, etc.

Sounds easy but for some of us it is not. There are great books, websites and of course you can consult with a Personal Professional Organizer like me! Don’t try to do it alone if you are overwhelmed. A Personal Professional Organizer can help you get started with a plan. You’ll gain a lot more momentum with help.