Containing incoming mail

Now that you’ve sorted and prioritized the mail you can set up a system to contain it as it comes in. Whoever brings the mail into the house or office needs to be able to follow the system. Think about 3-4 broad categories and where you want to locate the containers. Do you want them on the table in your entryway? In the kitchen? On your desk? That is the immediate go to place, no dumping a pile of mail anywhere else!

Suggested categories:

READING, NON-URGENT (ex.: catalogues, magazines). TIP: Recycle circulars for stores you don’t shop in before you go into the house.


PERSONAL (ex., letters, cards, products ordered)

You decide on how you want to contain your mail categories, keep it simple. Consider the size of the space that it sits in, ease of access, and even aesthetics.