How to Create Outfits

The 5 key elements you can use to learn how to create outfits:

As a Wardrobe and Image Consultant with clients from San Diego to the east coast, I love to show women how to create outfits to expand their wardrobe, and update their look. You can do this with a “Shop In Your Closet” session or with a consultant in person. The holiday season will be here before you know it and in this post I’m going to show you how to easily create your outfit and look fabulous by using 5 key elements. (Look for the same dress and another version of an outfit in my next post.)

Remember, that if you can’t hire an in-person consultant you can get help via phone, Skype and signing up to have me create your very own Pinterest boards! Organizing your clothing around these key elements makes dressing and creating your look so simple…

  1. Start with a basic dress – figure flattering, the way to use color is with something like this stunning red (keep everything else neutral), wear a comfortable length, make sure it’s easy to dress up or dress down (I call that “casual-izing”)
  2. Add a wrap – stay comfortable in all climates; can be worn around the neck when you want to be more hands-free
  3. Accessorize with a clutch – that’s fun, dressy, and has a shoulder strap option as well
  4. Wear a drop earring – that looks great with any length haircut and makes enough of a statement to add just enough jewelry and not too much (don’t compete with the dress)
  5. Beautiful shoe – comfortable height for standing all night

Remember that less is more. The dress is the foundation of the outfit and the accessories complement without competing for attention.

red holiday dress

The Basic Dress

satin wrap

Add a Wrap


black clutch with shoulde strap

Clutch this!

Drop Earring

Drop Earring

black princess heel shoe

Comfortable Dressy Shoe