Declutter and organize your home | Location

Professional organizing tips may seem obvious to you however as a San Diego Professional Organizer I often hear clients say, “I would never have thought of putting that item there!” when I suggest small changes. It is helpful to view your space with a “beginner’s mind”, as if it were empty and you are moving in.

Extra and less used items

Declutter and organize your home on a regular basis. It is important think about the location of your belongings when organizing your space. Just because something has always been in a certain place doesn’t mean that it is the optimal location.

Here are 3 important factors that apply to all rooms and spaces when deciding on the location of items:

  • Space
  • Frequency
  • Proximity

Declutter and organize your home | Space

Assess how much space is needed for your belongings and how much space is currently available. Always purge before you (re-)organize a space. There is no point wasting valuable space and organizing items you don’t need or use. Too much of something? Locate surplus items nearby but not in everyday spaces.

Professional organizing tips: Maximize kitchen space by breaking up large sets of items such as dishes and glasses. Declutter closet space by storing off season and bulky items under the bed in long, narrow containers.

Declutter and organize your home | Frequency

The more often you use an item the more accessible it needs to be. Professional organizing tip: Store duplicates of frequently used items further away but convenient when it is time to replenish the daily supply

cupboard of laundry
Organizing | Location | Frequency of use

Declutter and organize your home | Proximity

Assess where the items are used and locate them within reach whenever possible. Professional organizing tip: Limit possibility of breakage by keeping fragile items within sight and reach. This will increase productivity by limiting wasted time and make it easier to put items back where they belong.

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