Declutter kitchen

Declutter your kitchen before you organize. As your San Diego Professional Organizer it is my job to share organizing tips that enable you to get started and even do it by yourself. The organizing process is essentially:

Once you declutter your kitchen, everything will have a place.

  • Purge – get rid of spoiled and expired items. Donate items that you don’t use or need.
  • Sort – put the items that you are keeping in “like” categories.
  • Contain – use storage containers to keep small items together and accessible.
  • Locate – place items close to where they will be used. Read more…

Space – Avoid taking up valuable kitchen storage space with duplicate items. If space is limited, buy smaller refillable containers and store large size items in a nearby closet or cupboard.

Declutter kitchen | Location

Location of your food and nonfood items is dependent upon the 3 general factors listed previously as well as your personal/family needs, style of cooking, and whether or not you entertain. If you tend to buy in bulk store excess and larger items near the kitchen.

Proximity – Locate items near to the area they will be used in, and close to where they can be put away after they are cleaned. Convenience to the refrigerator, dishwasher, preparation area, stove top and oven will save you time and steps.

Declutter kitchen | Frequency of use

Frequency – Use consumable items that are going to expire soon before those with a future date. Avoid buying duplicates at big box stores that you only use seasonally or infrequently.


Locate lightweight items in higher spaces.
  • Knives near cutting boards
  • Heavy pots, pans at waist height to avoid reaching, bending and lifting.
  • Pot holders, trivets near stove, oven
  • Spices near preparation area but avoid the heat.

Things to locate in your kitchen: first aid kit, fire extinguisher ,basic household tools (screwdriver, pliers), basic office supplies (scissors, tape, paper/clasp style clips, a folding step stool, grabber (for out of reach lightweight items).

Declutter kitchen | Resources

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