Declutter Bathroom

Declutter Your Bathroom

organized bathroom

Decluttered Bathroom
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Declutter your bathroom? Your bathroom is a space that needs to be clean, safe and relaxing. Decluttering is the first step whether you are organizing by room or by items. Decluttering old and expired items in your bathroom will enhance your health, safety, and maybe, even your beauty.

Here are your San Diego Professional Organizer‘s easy organizing tips (click on links for details):

  1. Take everything out. Empty all of the spaces including drawers, shelves, cupboards and the shower. Immediately discard or recycle empty containers.
  2. Clean out all of these spaces before you return items.
  3. Discard expired toiletries and makeup; your body and face deserve safe and fresh treatments. Hotel toiletries and samples should be discarded if they are old. If they are current, make a commitment to use them or donate them to a shelter.
  4. Discard expired and unused medications in a safe and controlled manner. Do NOT flush them down the toilet. This includes vitamins and supplements.
  5. Group “like” items. Organizing items by like use for instance, facial products, hair care, etc. Put smaller items in small storage containers to keep them together in drawers and cupboards.
  6. Location, location, location. Return items to the place closest to where you will use them.

Now that you have a decluttered and organized bathroom remember to start to put a date of purchase on items that do not have expiration dates.  This is a great way to maintain your organization.