Disorganized Students

Do you know a student who is disorganized? If so, you probably recognize that he or she is likely to be disorganized at home and at school. What is it that he or she does, or doesn’t do, that demonstrates difficulty with being or staying organized? Disorganized students may exhibit behaviors such as:

  • Frequently loses or has trouble finding things that he or she needs.
  • Has difficulty being on time for activities or transitioning from one to another.
  • Often forgets to do what he or she was asked to do.

It’s summer vacation for most students and as a former educator I’d like to encourage you to help your student now. Begin by writing your observations in a notebook (your eyes, only). The key is to be observant without being judgmental. After awhile you will begin to identify patterns in the student’s behaviors. What are his reactions to the situation? Begin to think about what your goals for your student are as we develop a plan of action.

Stressed boy

Too young to stress!