Do you have the right suitcase?

woman pulling suitcase

Travel ease

Travel and packing can be unnecessarily stressful if you are not organized and don’t have the right supplies. Think about your last trip and what was difficult. Was it a carry on that was too heavy to store overhead? Did your rolling suitcase topple over? Did you pack too much? If you are going to invest in new pieces of luggage know which features you absolutely want (see article below). I personally have some strong preferences such as spinner-type wheels, and hands-free options for carry on bags and purses.

Consider your most important needs for travel before, during and after the trip. Use the Outside In planning steps:

  1. Before: confirm your itinerary, accommodations, weather forecast. Do a luggage check – are zippers and wheels working? Are there tears or dents? Consider using packing cubes. Use a template for a packing list.
  2. During: revise your packing list template to note items you didn’t need or wish that you brought with you.
  3. After: keep your carry-on bag packed for the next trip. Refill toiletries, as needed. Update your packing list, if needed.

Here is an article with helpful luggage and packing tips.