Get organized to organize

Get organized to organize

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Get organized to organized! Would you ever host a special event or take a week long trip without making a plan? I hope not! Would you feel confident walking a half marathon if the furthest you walked was 1 mile? Call me crazy but you’d be better off training, first. Getting organized is no different, you need to create a plan that includes 3 critical elements:

  • Vision – clear, specific vision of what you want the space, area or room to look like. This includes the function of the space and how it is to be used.
  • Goals – specific, detailed actions that will ensure that you achieve your vision.
  • Timeline – realistic deadlines to get your organizing project done.

To do list

Check it done! ( Stuart Miles)

Make a list

Get organized to organize by making a list of your organizing priorities. That’s right, put it in writing. If everything feels like an organizing priority you will feel overwhelmed or stress. Asking yourself the following questions will help you to sort out your priorities:

  • What area or room is stressing you (or someone you share it with)the most?
  • What area or room do you tend to avoid going into, using or enjoying?
  • If you organized a specific area or room, in what ways would it improve your life?

Once your list is complete and in order of priority, highlight the top 3 projects. This is the beginning of your plan and now it’s time to set a realistic deadline for each project. There is no hard and fast rule. Some organizing projects are big enough in scope that you might have to allow several months to get them done.

My “1-At-A-Time Rule” is essential when it comes to prioritizing and completing projects. Start with the project that is at the top of the list, work on that 1 only. Do not be tempted to work on the next 2 until the first is completed. The benefits of organizing using the “1-at-a-time rule” include:

  • Focus – minimize distractions, avoidance, procrastination
  • Motivation – Increased motivation to get it done and get to the next project
  • Positive reinforcement – A sense of completion and success
Disorganized supplies

Disorganized, Cluttered
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Take stock of what you will need

Get organized to organize right down to the details. Create your organizing tool kit with all of the necessary tools and supplies that you will need to get your project done. If you are missing something, add it to your shopping list and get it before you being the project. Your tool kit might include:

  • Bags, bins, containers
  • Markers, labels
  • Tape, scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Cleaning supplies, paper towels
  • Shredder, letter opener, paper clips
  • First aid kit

Remember to wear comfortable clothing including closed toe shoes. Have water and snacks on hand. Depending upon which space you are working in you may want gloves, a face mask or knee pads. Adequate lighting and ventilation is also a must.

Schedule time

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Schedule time

Get organized to organize by scheduling uninterrupted time to organize. Make a commitment. This next step for getting organized is to intentionally block off time to work on the steps to get it done. As your San Diego Personal Professional Organizer I recommend that you schedule no less than 1 hour and a maximum of 3 hours, especially if you plan to do this on your own. Write the time into your calendar on a specific date where you know that you will not be interrupted or rushed. TIP: Remember to leave at least 15 minutes to clean up at the end of your scheduled time.