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Get something done | Time management tip

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Wake Up 15 Min. Early
( Stuart Miles)

Get something done. Always remember that you have to make the time to get something done, it’s just that simple. Time Management Tip: Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you usually do every day and plan to do something that you think you never have time to do. The other day I blogged about sleeping in for an extra 15 minutes every day, which is a challenge for early birds like me. For those of you who experience the opposite challenge I think that this particular time management tip is worth considering.

You might be surprised at what you could do in just 15 minutes every day. Here are some ideas to spark your interest for what kinds of things you can get done with 15 “extra” minutes a day:

  • Write, journal
  • Draw, color
  • Read
  • Stretch, practice yoga or tai chi
  • Meditate
  • Give yourself a mini-facial
  • Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee
  • Take a quick walk, get on a treadmill, do sit ups or push ups

Time Management | Get something done

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Get something done. I am not referring to things such as household chores or checking your email. The Outside In Approach to time management is about work-life balance that addresses self nurturing, self care, personal development, or simply whatever aspect of your life you think you are neglecting. As a Professional Organizer and Time Management Coach my tips and services are designed to assist you to streamline your schedule and your stuff. Declutter the things in your schedule that are wasting your time. It is similar to getting rid of clutter that wastes space. Both of these block the flow of energy and affect you in seen and unseen ways. Need help? Why don’t we try a session to get a jump start on your organizing and time management goals?