How to Declutter Spaces

How to declutter spaces

How to declutter spaces? As a Personal Professional Organizer my job is two-fold: First, to ask the “right” questions so that you can make the decisions. Second, is to help you to clarify your vision for the space. Every space needs to reflect how you will use it (function, supplies, storage) so that you can enjoy it (people). Save the aesthetics and decorating for after you declutter and organize the space.

cluttered home office

Declutter home office (image: Outside In Organizer)

How to declutter spaces – Questions to ask yourself:

Whenever you get started with organizing a specific area ask yourself declutter questions:

  • Function – What is this space to be used for? What specific function(s) do you want the space to satisfy? For example, is your kitchen for entertaining, cooking and dining? Do you also want the kitchen to be your home office? Now, look around you to see if the space reflects that purpose(s)? Purge anything in the space that does not serve it’s function.
  • Supplies – What do I need to have readily available in this space? List the items that you will need for efficient use of the space¬† including furniture, equipment, or supplies. Find another location for anything that doesn’t belong there. Here are some great ideas in a video that you can use for organizing your makeup in the bathroom: Video
  • People – Who else beside yourself, will use this space? Is the space shared by others? Do you have visitors or clients who will be in this space? You want to be sure to have all parties feel comfortable and have what they need in the space.
  • Storage – Where do items need to be used, and how frequently? What the best types of storage containers that you will need for specific items. The answers will guide you in where to place, file and store everything.

Decluttered spaces

Decluttered desk top

Decluttered Space (image: Outside In Organizer)

I hope that these questions will will help you to get started with sorting, purging, and organizing. After you finish those steps you can better address the decorative aspect and enjoy your space even more. For more tips, sign up for my monthly newsletter.


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