How to dispose of items

Disposing of specific types of items can be confusing but it is important to do the research. If you are committed like I am, you want to do your part to lessen the negative impact on the environment. In my work as a Professional Organizer I come across a variety of items that my clients decide they want or need to get rid of. Before you put your clutter in the trash or recycling bin remember that it is important to find out what your local trash and recycling restrictions are. Find out where your landfill is located and their hours for receiving items. Specific items may include toxic waste as well as light bulbs, batteries and more.

disposing of light bulb
Disposing of light bulbs ( Graphics Mouse)

How to dispose of light bulbs

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It is helpful to use gloves, a paper towel or a rag to unscrew the bulb. Often bulbs are dusty and you also want to avoid handling it if it is hot. Safely place the individual bulbs in a cushioned container or bag to limit breakage. The important thing to note is that the light bulb glass cannot be recycled like regular household glass because of the wires and filaments.

How to dispose of batteries

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battery recycling sign
Recycle rechargeable batteries (Outside In Organizer)

Locally, I take dead or expired batteries to my library where they have designated containers for battery recycling. I also noticed that the local Barnes and Noble bookstore posted a sign for rechargeable battery recycling. Remember that not all batteries are alike and different types require different means of disposal. Avoid leaving batteries loose in drawers or your purse in case there is leakage.

How to dispose of other specific items

There are endless types of items that we dispose of on a daily basis. Prepare and plan before you start the process of organizing. This includes your preparation for a move so that you don’t leave trash and recycling in the house or apartment you are vacating. Consult with professional movers who have specific restrictions on what can or cannot be packed or transported in a move.

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