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Got Style?
(, Victor Habbick)

Image Consulting Tips are for everyone because everyone has (or needs) a style. As an Image Consultant and Personal Organizer I help men and women explore their style as a form of self expression and creativity. What would change in your life if you uncovered your authentic style?

Image Consulting Tip #1: You don’t wear your style, you are your style. “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Who said it better than Coco Chanel?

Image Consulting Tip #2: Style is fluid and dynamic. Don’t get stuck in wearing  only one type of look, accessorizing the same way with each outfit, or limiting the elements that you choose such as color.  Unless you are a style icon like Vera Wang who says, “Like most designers, I have a uniform, and mine is a legging.”, you want flexibility and variety in your wardrobe.

Image Consulting Tip #3: Update your style. Your body changes, your life circumstances change, and your needs change. It’s important to reflect upon your style and update your wardrobe, if needed, on a regular basis so that you feel it represents your best self at this point in time.
Image Consulting Tip #4: How you wear something is the statement. Whose style do you admire most? Maybe it is someone that you work with or a friend. What is it that you really like about his or her style? It’s probably not about the specific item or where he or she shops. When you look at that person you are likely to think or say, “He always looks so put together.” “Her look is simple, but sophisticated.” “She looks fabulous even in a tee shirt and jeans!” What is it about that person and more importantly, remember that it can be you!
Image Consulting Tip #5: It has to be YOU. Are you old enough to remember hearing your parents play the song,”It Had to Be You” (By Isham Jones with lyrics by Gus Kahn)? Don’t fall into the trap of wearing something the way someone else in a magazine wore it, or how you saw it on a mannequin. It has to be comfortable for your body type and lifestyle. Maybe only part of the outfit works for you. Play to your unique strengths and beauty.
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