Labor Day Organizing Tips

Labor day organizing tips:

Labor Day is a celebration of workers. Why not make it an opportunity to celebrate your work and get some organizing done. Whether it is end of summer, back to school or work, and Fall organizing you will want to read more about my 5 Super Easy Organizing Tips and Common Organizing Projects…

5 super easy organizing tips for Labor Day (and more):

  1. Declutter first, always
  2. Organize for an hour or less at a time
  3. Get help
  4. Don’t buy organizing tools before you start
  5. Plan ahead



Clutter, declutter first (Outside In Organizer)

Organizing tip  #1 is always to declutter a space first. It seems obvious but there is no reason to organize things that you no longer need, want or use. Donate these items, give them to friends, sell some, recycle, or discard them. The benefit of organizing and getting rid of your clutter is to create more open space.

Organize for an hour or less

Organizing tip #2 is to manage your time. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish by organizing in shorter blocks of time on a regular basis. It is a great way to take a break from mentally demanding work, when you are stressed, or want to get small projects done. The benefit of organizing for shorter amounts of time is that you will be more motivated and less tired. The primary deterrent people state keeps them from organizing is that they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, especially with bigger projects.

Get help

photo Denise Levine Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer

Organizing tip #3 is to get help. Help can take the form of hiring a Professional Organizer like me, involving your family, or asking a friend. The benefit of organizing with help is that more gets done faster and it is more fun.

Organizing tools – don’t buy them before you start

Organizing tools are helpful when you buy only what you need. Another benefit of decluttering and organizing is that you are likely to find things that you can use and repurpose. For instance, you can reuse items like file folders and clothing hangers. You can easily repurpose items like shoe boxes (to store surplus office and school supplies) and plastic containers (to store small items such as nails and screws, gardening products, and objects used for sewing).

Plan ahead

paper towels

Plan ahead, supplies (, atibody)

Organizing tip #4 includes scheduling designated time to organize, deciding which space you want to organize before you start, and having basic supplies on hand. Basic supplies include containers for discards, recycling, donations, and sale items. It is also helpful to have markers, stickers and labels, and rags or paper towels.

Common organizing projects:

Here are some common organizing projects that you might want to consider starting this Labor Day (or any day)…

  • Clean out, organize your vehicles.
  • Clear out, organize your garage.
  • Reorganize clothing in your closets.
  • Declutter, organize kitchen cupboards, refrigerator.
  • Reorganize your tax files.

For more ideas, answers to your organizing and time management questions, and help don’t forget to call or email me.