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Professional Organizer

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Professional Organizer at work? (image: Outside In Organizer)

Professional Organizers are highly motivated to transfer their organizing skills to their clients. It makes more sense for you to to enjoy the benefits of organizing by using them in between sessions rather than use them only when I am there. I listen carefully to the things that my clients say during the time that we are working side by side. This helps me to highlight the client’s successes and reinforce how it is helping her or him to meet their goals.

As your San Diego Professional Organizer I must admit that I especially like it when a client sends text messages and photos that show me what he or she achieved on their own. Recently I wrote this article about Professional Organizing, in which I highlighted 5 Essential Benefits of working with a Professional Organizer. One of the ways that I can gauge what the client is learning and using independently is to listen to what they tell me.

7 Things I learned from my Professional Organizer

Most people who want to work with a Professional Organizer for 2 basic reasons…to declutter and set up organizing systems. They know that by doing this they will make better use of their space, gain more space, and save wasted time looking for things that they need. Here are some of the statements that clients make when I ask them what they learned (or are learning):

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Professional Organizer | What you learn (image: Outside In Organizer)

  1. Do one thing at a time. Avoid moving from 1 area to another and finish what you start.
  2. Dedicate time to organize. If you plan to spend a block of time organizing it will happen. Don’t wait for “free time”.
  3. Minimize interruptions. Turn off the phone, if possible. Avoid checking email.
  4. Use what I already have first. Once you know what you have you will be able to find it, use it, and save money before replenishing it.
  5. Take a break. Organizing involves making decisions with can be more fatiguing than the physical part of the task. Give yourself breaks.
  6. Declutter before sorting. Don’t waste time organizing what you don’t need to keep.
  7. Maintain clear surfaces. Clear space looks more organized immediately.