Time Management for Self Care

Time management for self care

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Need time management?
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Time management for self care means making the time that you need for health and well being and committing to it. Nothing could be more important because you and those around you are depending on both of those things. Think about the consequences of delaying or ignoring self care and how it affects your performance at home and work. If you consider just the financial consequences of illness and stress because you are unable to manage your time you may incur expenses related to medical visits, prescriptions, therapy or counseling, or even lost wages due to absenteeism.

As your Professional Organizer and Time Management Coach I encourage you to look at developing time management systems that will enable you to minimize stress, get adequate and regular sleep, set realistic goals, and establish healthy boundaries. In other words, time management IS self care! As with any change in behavior and routines it is important to take it slow. Read on for valuable tips and how to start.

Time management | How to start

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Select just 1 self care habit that you want to pay attention to and practice incorporating into a consistent routine. A lot of people give up because they try to work on too many things at once. Remember to be gentle with yourself if it is difficult at first. It is natural to get off track in the beginning. Since it is an important self care habit that you are choosing, keep practicing it rather than abandoning it. Your new self care habit will become more natural over time. That is when you truly realize the benefits.

Some people find it helpful to use an accountability system to monitor progress. Accountability provides a visible means of looking at your progress as well as identifying patterns that are making your success challenging. Some basic examples include checklists, graphs, or writing in a journal. Another type of accountability system is using a partner or coach. Calling or texting someone who is nonjudgmental to report on your progress regularly keeps motivated people on track.

Remember that the best system is the one that you will use. Again keep it simple, easy to use, and something that is available to you wherever you are. There are a variety of apps that are convenient and of course cloud based. Call or email me for suggestions, I am inspired to help you succeed.