Managing time

Managing time

29 Ways to be Generous

Time Management Tips

Managing time is easier than you think, that’s why I like to share my organizing and time management tips. Managing time is the best way to save time to be able to be generous with it. Time management is like space organizing, you only have so many waking hours and only so much space. Why fill either with clutter? Always begin by looking at where you can cut out wasted time doing things that you:

  • PURGE – Don’t need to do.
  • PURGE – Don’t want to do.
  • PORTION, STREAMLINE – Don’t need to spend as much time doing.
  • PORTION, RE-PRIORITIZE – Don’t need to do as frequently.
  • POSTPONE – Don’t need to do immediately.
  • PASS IT ON, DELEGATE – Don’t need to do yourself.

Time management tip:

woman applying lipstick

Skip makeup 1 day (, Ohmega1982)

Today’s time management tip is to: Skip wearing makeup for at least 1 day. How much time can you save? In this article: How long does it take women to put on makeup? you can see that many women spend 45-60 minutes a day, or 315-420 minutes a week. That’s 5.25-7 hours a week! What if you skipped just 1 day a week, what would you do instead of spending 45-60 minutes that day? The possibilities are endless. I encourage you to try this tip and start managing time with care and intention.

Managing time | Strategies

Managing time may means changing behavior and forming new habits. It is easier if you start with 1 easy to achieve change at a time so that you can practice it until it becomes more natural. Ask yourself if it is important to you and focus on why it is a priority. We are often motivated to make changes when there is a reward involved. Maybe your reward is feeling less stressed. I hope that another reward is to find more ways to be generous with self care, personal development, and your relationships with family and friends. Happy organizing!