What’s worse: packing? Moving? Unpacking and moving in? A few tips to ease the pain:

1. Hire a Professional Organizer to help you declutter before the move. No sense moving items you don’t need anymore.

2. Be prepared. Pack an overnight bag with the essentials (medications, bottled water, toiletries, clean underwear) and put that in your car. Don’t stress about finding what you need the first morning.

3. Packing.  Make sure that you label each of the  boxes clearly in bold, waterproof lettering, on ALL sides of the boxes. It will reduce wasting time & energy looking for the one box that you need.

4. Moving in. Unload boxes into the intended rooms, against one wall on one side of the room. Allow room for furniture to be delivered obstruction-free.

5. Unpacking. Consider the rooms you will need or want to use first. Usually it’s the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Prioritize and expend your energy wisely.