Networking Wardrobe Tips

Women’s Networking Wardrobe Tips

Networking Wardrobe Tips are meant to support your goals and strategies for building professional relationships and creating more business. When I assist men and women with my image consulting services I offer easy ways to look professional and confident. Here are some of my important Wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts based upon actual observations of how women show up at business networking meetings.

Networking Wardrobe Tips – DO

Always wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk distances and stand for long periods of time. Recently a colleague couldn’t find parking near the meeting site and had to carry supplies to and from the meeting while walking in stiletto heels. Thank goodness I saw her as I was driving and offer her a ride!

pump shoes

Comfortable heel

Always wear something with pockets that can hold your business cards, eyeglasses, and a pen. Sounds obvious but instead of having to hold your purse you can be hands-free to shake hands as you meet people then offer them your card.

jacket with pockets

Wardrobe Tips – Pockets







Consider updating your wardrobe with trouser Jeans rather than regular blue jeans. Trouser jeans can look professional especially when worn with a heeled shoe. They are always figure flattering for any body type and are very comfortable. Trouser jeans solve the pocket problem and usually come in a dark wash or black fabric.

trouser jean

Women’s Wardrobe Must-Trouser Jean

Women’s Networking Wardrobe Tips – Don’t

Don’t wear workout wear to a business meeting. Honestly, even if your business is personal training or you own a fitness studio your body will be in good shape and make that obvious. You are at the meeting to do business, market, and create leads. Let your marketing materials do the work so that you can look like the professional people want to hire.

workout top

Networking Wardrobe Tip







Don’t wear beachwear. Even in casual environments such as San Diego you want to create your professional image. Save the beach dress for the beach or happy hour, if necessary.

beach dress

Networking Means Business, not beach







Avoid VPL, check your rear view mirror! As an Image Consultant I think I’ve seen it all and then someone shows up wearing an ill-fitting item. No matter what your age, body type or weight is a VPL (visible panty line) is unattractive and easy to avoid. Besides, how comfortable can that be?

tight pants

Women’s Wardrobe Don’t-Avoid VPL








Don’t wear distressed (ripped) jeans. Just because it’s a clothing trend does not mean that you can wear it anywhere. Save those for a casual event with friends and family.

torn jeans

Wardrobe Tip Don’t-Avoid Trends







Don’t show excessive cleavage. Again, I don’t make this stuff up just so that I can state the obvious. The other day a woman at my networking table wore a shirt that exposed her cleavage (and tan lines). It’s unprofessional and distracting even at a women’s event. Remember that when it comes to cleavage…less is more!


Networking Wardrobe Distraction






If you want me to help you create the wardrobe and outfits that are probably already sitting your closet, call me today!