Organize 1st, then Stage, and Sell

A Real Estate Agent hired me to help her clients as the first critical step in staging their home. Their goals were to learn how to…

  • Declutter and organize
  • Prepare for packing and moving.

When you make the decision to sell your home that is only the first of many decisions! The benefits of working with a Professional Organizer like Outside In Organizer, include time and stress management. Very few people have the time and energy to maintain their work and family life while preparing for a sale and a move. We began with the family room and decided that it was essential to convey the potential for this well-lit space to serve both child and adult needs. We downsized the inventory of toys by removing some and containing others. This helped to clear the floor area and display just how spacious the room was.

TIP: make sure the favorite toys remain accessible to the child in the bins that he or she can reach.

Once the toys were removed from the opposite side of the room it was more adult-friendly! We made optimal use of the available storage space under the banquette seating. After decluttering and organizing the space the next step is to add decorative touches. First room done in just hours and everyone was happy!

Decluttered play room

House for Sale!