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Organize Now!

Organize now and stop putting it off. It’s just a matter of dedicating some time to the process. You will see the benefits of organizing if you do a little over a consistent period of time. If you don’t organize now you could make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself and your family in unexpected ways.

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Avoid Organizing:

  1. Illness or death
  2. Sentiment and emotion
  3. Maintain independence

Illness or Death

Life is unpredictable. At some time you may be faced with a significant illness or injury. Eventually you and your family will have to face your mortality. We all experience life transitions. You owe it to yourself and your family to declutter and organize so that your information and belongings are in order, just in case.

  • Downsize your inventory. At a point in our lives we kept things because they seemed important and meaningful. Later on they may no longer serve us; it is okay to let them go.
  • Have an emergency plan. Friends and family should know where to find your spare key, what your blood type is, and your physician’s name and phone number.
  • Share important information. Maintain and update a copy of important medical, family, insurance and financial information. Share this with a trusted friend or family member.

Sentiment and Emotion

Decluttering and downsizing sentimental items is more difficult than other belongings. You may encounter memories and emotional attachment to those things. You don’t want someone who doesn’t understand what your possessions mean to you to make decisions for you. You can do this on your own and with guidance from a Professional Organizer. Either way YOU get to make the decisions about what to keep and what to let go of. Getting things in order is a proactive way to have less to deal with if you plan to remodel, downsize or relocate.

  • Don’t save items that your family members won’t want
  • Consider digital organizing for your photos
  • Donate or sell valuables that you no longer use or have room to store

Maintain Your Independence

The benefit of organizing and space planning is to be able to create a safe environment. Make sure that items that are used frequently are stored in accessible places. This also applies to important information. Avoid stacks of things that could fall or cause you to trip.

  • Store heavier items on shelves and in cupboards that are easy to reach; limit lifting and reaching for heavy items
  • Organize your health history and medical information; bring it to doctor and dentist appointments
  • Consider using a secure password account that stores all of your user id’s and passwords and only requires you to remember one to access them.

Whether you are young or old, healthy or not, are single or married find out more about what a Professional Organizer like me does. Click here to read a blog about what Professional Organizers really do!