Organize Your Home: Are You Guest-ready?

The holiday season will be here before you can say “ho ho ho”! You want your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable, but your home is pretty full already and that feeling of overwhelm is setting in. Don’t panic, here are some ideas that you can begin to use. Remember my “1-At-A-Time Rule”: 1 area and task at a time. When you focus on 1 thing you will be more efficient, trust me.

TIPS (these work all year round, even if you aren’t expecting guests):

(1) Schedule time (at least 30 minutes) to organize each week starting now.

(2) List the rooms/spaces in order of priority. Maybe it’s the guest room. Is the closet full? Go through the closet items and consider storing what you plan to keep under the bed in a bin. Maybe it’s the dining room. Do you have enough dinnerware, flatware and glasses? Are they chipped or in need of polishing? Be creative. Rather than buying a set of 10 or 12 matching place settings you can find sets of 4 that will complement and mix well with your existing set!

(3) Be prepared, plan ahead. Gather what you will need before you start. Bags for trash, recycling, donations, returns, and so on. NOTE: Try not to combine tasks. Cleaning and organizing are 2 different tasks. After you declutter you can go back and clean!

More advice from Outside In…before you go out and spend $$ on new bins, hangers, and other organizing tools, organize and re-purpose what you have. Maybe the baskets in the kitchen that you haven’t used in years will make lovely containers for guest toiletries. Buy only what you determine you need after you organize.

Guests and their luggage

Are You Ready?