Organize your pantry, organize your health!

Organized pantry

Organized = Healthy

You know those ingredients that you bought last year for the holidays, and haven’t used since? In fact, did you come across others from previous years while looking for that one special ingredient? Well, it’s time to organize your pantry and spice racks so that you are only cooking with fresh and healthy items.
Try these 9 easy pantry organizing tips for your kitchen now:
1. Remove everything from the pantry. Throw away spoiled, expired items. Remember to put the items that will expire sooner towards the front when you put them back.
2. Clean out the pantry shelves and doors. Funny odor? Place an open box of baking soda near the front (don’t want to accidentally knock it over).
3. Have a plan before you return items to the pantry or racks.
4. Place like items together (ex. breakfast items, baking ingredients, oils, vinegars & condiments, etc.).
5. Place items you use often at eye level whenever possible, especially those in jars so they don’t fall and break.
6. Place lighter items at the bottom (no reason to lift heavy items).
7. Contain smaller items in plastic, washable containers. Clear containers allow you to see what is inside making the items more accessible. That reduces the need to label the containers.
8. Put the specialty spices and items that you don’t use often in the same container. Find easy to make recipes online (I love, bookmark them or print them out and keep them with your specialty items. Try those recipes and enjoy the specialty items while they are fresh. There is no point wasting your money, right?
9. Keep a double-sided sticky pad on the inside of the cupboard door. When you are running low on an item be sure to jot it down and start your shopping list.
Final note: Resolve to eat healthier. Fill your pantry with those items that support your health and energy!