Organize your time

Organize your time

Organize your time and you will see how little it takes to live an organized life! Let’s see exactly how much time do you need to practice self care. Recently I shared an article entitled 15 Self Care Tips for People Who Work Too Much . I thought that it would be helpful to break down each tip and see how many minutes each habit might take.

Listen to your body. 3 minutes a day to start. Sit in a comfortable chair or lie on the floor. Close your eyes and just breathe for 3 minutes (set a timer if you need to). Just notice how you feel and if there is any tension. If so, where? Try to visualize your breath moving through that part of your body. Notice if the tension begins to release.

Get enough sleep. 8 hours (480 minutes) every night. Adequate sleep is key to your health and mental alertness.

woman sleeping

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Exercise. 20 minutes cardio exercise 3-4x/week (60-80/wk)

Take your vitamins. 1 minute per vitamin.

Spend some time outside. 15 minutes a day to start. Take a break, go for a walk, sit on a bench, stand on a balcony. Sit in your car with the windows rolled down.

Spend time alone. 10 minutes to start, daily.

Use your vacation time. 24 hours. The total is whatever time you are allotted. If you cannot afford to get away at this time, take a stay-cation.

Use your sick time. 24 hours, as needed. Call it a mental health day.

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Read. 30 minutes a day. Find your favorite magazine, read a lusty novel, go to the library and find something you’ve been wanting to read.

Meditate. 3 minutes daily, to start. You can increase the time gradually as you get into a daily habit.

Practice mindfulness. 1 second, to start.

Forgive yourself. 3 minutes. Keep a self forgiveness list or journal.

Forgive others. 3 minutes. Keep a forgiveness list or journal.

Get a manicure or pedicure. 2 hours, 2x/month

woman in bath tub

Self care|Hot bath

Take a hot bath. 20 minutes, 1x/week. If you live in a drought zone like I do and have access to a  hot tub do that instead.

If you look at how many minutes you need to organize your time for these beneficial habits, especially the daily practices, it’s minimal. As your Time Management Coach and Professional Organizer here in San Diego (anywhere virtually) I encourage you to support your self care and organize your time.