Organized People | Benefits

uncluttered desk top

Space to work on
(image: Denise Levine)

Organized people enjoy a multitude of benefits at home and at work

As a Personal and Professional Organizer who works with now-organized people I am sharing 50 of the benefits that they describe to me. Here are 5 more benefits organized people report:

  1. Balance your workload effectively. Organized people have a cohesive view of all of their roles and responsibilities. This allows them to apportion time in a balanced manner.
  2. Manage your time realistically.Wouldn’t you benefit from having skills that enable you to estimate time realistically so that you had less stress trying to get places on time?
  3. Access important information and items when you need them. Organized filing, including an effective tickler system, helps organized people put their hands on what they need, when they need it, and minimize the need for piles.
  4. Maximize your use of space and storage without clutter. Do you know how to utilize the space that you live in so that it is functional and aesthetically pleasing? Do you have a strategy for decluttering on a regular basis?
  5. Create a safe environment for home and work. Organized people don’t have long-standing piles of magazines on the stairs, deep bins filled with miscellaneous stuff, and pantry shelves with stacks of teetering items. Less clutter means less dust, easier cleaning and maintenance…now how great is that!!